Saturday, June 22, 2013

D'Leonor Inland Resort & Adventure Park

Let me start my blog of what had happen to us today, take note this is not a review about the place but rather our experience during our team building

First thing first, we've decided from our meeting the day before that we will meet up at Gaisano Mall, para from there sabay-sabay nami padulong sa De'Leonor.

First to arrived was Suzy, then ako, then si sir Gab and Mark, next was Arbie and then Roselyn and Sheila last. We were waiting Jhai and Noch when an accident happened 'nong padulong na sila ug Gmall. Ana sa text, na banggaan ug kotse sila noch and jhai and naa sila sa Davao Doc.

Suzy decided na mo adto sa Davao doc and mo una nalang mi sa deleonor, but out of guilt, alangan naman na mag lingaw2 mi ug una while naa mi isa ka team na na accidente. 

Anyway, we'd waited for the result sa medical ni noch, and when it's ok na, we pursue our team building.
We hired a Buhangin route multicab to deliver as straight to DeLeonor. I never thought na ang dalan paduong deleonor kay sa Esperanza, first name na nag sulod sa ako mind kay si Rhea one of my best friend.

Anyway, when we're there.... the pictures speaks for itself na, it is arranged from the moment we got there 'til the last minute...

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