Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bali-Bali Beach Resort

It was my first time to attend our company's summer party, 'cause as stupid as it sounds,  it was also the first time our company had a summer party.

It was held in Bali-Bali resort, and first thought about the name it sounds to me like "to invert your clothes when you're lost" sort of nah, I've never heard of such resort before, though. But guess what, I've made a little research and found out that the theme of the resort was taken from a place in Indonesia, called Bali. It all explained why they named such. Another point that this resort does not entertain walk-ins, so better book ahead if you're interested. 

The place is so nice, though mommy Sugar (Sylvette), Suzy (Katherine) and me arrived twilight, and most of the views are in shade of black (thanks for the lights).

And there's a tradition (should I say) that if it was your first time to be in a beautiful place, you should make a wish so that you can come back to that place (actually I'm not quite sure about that) in which, obviously, I did.

Anyway, enough of the introduction, go back to the topic!

We arrived twilight, right? don't ask why I have pictures of the morning and mid-day views of the resort, and the activities that had happened prior to our arrival, I'd just grabbed them from the internet and our company's page, simple as

Okay, enough I said! just go through the caption of each picture as your guide for the event... see you in the last part of this post... enjoy!

View from the lobby, the resort's pride, the infinity pool  (credit: google images)
Oriental Garden Villa‎
Our barge just docked at Babak, Samal Wharf (time check: 5+ pm) photo taken by Suzy
The main stage of the event. Where all activities are held
 Sir James for the opening remarks
My teammates at the left side
I not sure about what games is this but base on the picture it looks like, longest human line...
Oh, sorry this should come first, the game is longest line, that is...
lucky we are coz it's eating time when we arrived...
not sure about this but, looks like this was taken after we had our dinner and our TL is tipsy already
nah, a little selfie, right after swimming...
a little drink of Emperador wait! Emperador?! I'd been fooled, after all this time i thought it's
picture, picture, picture with Mel Brian, Roselyn, Nochelyn... this was after the program...
With Arbie, Nochelyn, and Roselyn
On our way home, taken outside Camp Holiday, waiting for the barge to load us.

It was one of the events of Six Eleven that I will never forget. There are happening in between, but let's just pretend it didn't 

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