Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bucas Grande Island Hopping

I know this post has long been overdue. Dating from March of last year. But as the saying goes better late than never and wai'dup! nobody set a deadline to me, so nevermind. I almost forgot the details of our trip so imma just post our pictures nalang.. haha.. But a little bit of sharing of whats left in my memory box.. I remember my bestfriend Jesh  (akong aningkon nga bestfriend..haha..) invited me to join them in their travel, I thought it was a special invitation para lang sa mga circle of friends namo, yun pala just to fill the slots sa van.. hahay..neway, I asked him of course asa ang trip then he said Sohoton, Surigao daw, and I'm like what? where? cause ignorant as I may sound pero first time nako madungog ang Sohoton na place, promise! So I may say yes nalang with my extra baggage Anesha with me, cause you know strict ang management kung dili nako sabayon akong anak..So fast forward to the day of departure or should I say night, cause 11 pm mi magbyahe from Davao. It was my first time to travel ug layo layo with me and my daughter so I kennot explain the feeling, charot.. hay kapoy explain, tan awa nalang ang pictures..

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting, sunglasses and outdoor
Forgot where we're heading, basta selfie ta guys!

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shore walk 'cause t'was lowtide, sangyad among bangka, vayeet!

Team Supladoz

kung duha lang ka picture imong nakita, wait lang kay nag loading pa na, hinay guro imong net.. char lang.. to be continued na kay mag alas 12 na, sleepy na sok..

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jive Highland Resort

It was our first team building for this year, and second of the most memorable team building we had so far (for me).

After months of passive-aggressive planning -  many resorts and places suggested (Pindasan, Seagull Higland, Samal, and many more...), food suggestions and bring your own, fund raising (EOP, and 5 minutes before shift policy) - we finally made it happen to a beautiful, serene, cold, and perfect for a tired soul of the city Jive Highland Resort.

Let me take you to our team building from Six Eleven (our office) to Jive Highland Resort ending up on our parting at Ulas Crossing. So brace yourself 'coz here it goes.

Our team was divided into two - First batch: Sir Gab, Arbie, Marlon (Arbie's lovey), Shiela, Shannon, Jhay-R aka Jean Rose, Mark, and our event organizer, chef, acting manager Second Batch: Jhai, Noch, Ralph, me and my tatay Shaun.

I will focus on the second batch's travel to Jive 'coz needless to say I was with this risky group..ahaha..(just continue reading and you will understand why...)


Jhai, Ralph, and I had our Saturday duty, and Noch and Jean though they also had Saturday duties, their shift ended early at 9 am. So the 3 of us battled in creating articles 'til 4 pm. The first batch left at 1 pm(base on the info I heard the day before..). At exactly 4 pm the 3 of us went to different directions and will just meet up in Crossing Ulas at 5 pm. I went home to fetch my things and Shaun. At not so exactly 5 pm we meet up with Jhai, Noch, and Ralph. We are so eager to find a ride that will take us to Jive that time, 'coz as we've heard it was very far. We waited for bus for a while, but our patience was thin and look for ways that can fly us to Jive ASAP! (that soon regretted us if we just waited a bit more, 'coz we've been overtaken by 3-4 buses along the way.) There was that we asked a taxi driver to take us in a whooping 1,500 fixed, an Ulas Route that upon hearing Marilog never hesitated to say "ay dili ko!",and another PUJ for 1,500 (are you kidding us?) but late we've realized it is worth for the driver to asked for that fare.. So we decided to take it manually. We ride a non-exclusive taxi from Ulas to Calinan for P40 all five of us! how was that? but nah, leave your jealousy behind 'coz that was according to Jhai, we paid P40 each, saving us P10 for the actual fare of P50 if we ride a Calinan bound jeep.

We arrived in Calinan past 6, and Noch or Ralph received a text that the first batch just arrived in Jive (left me thinking if they left at 1 and they just arrived, well, good luck to us!) The taxi driver dropped us on a bus stop, and suggested to just wait for a bus bound to Bukidnon, again our malnourished patience interrupted and suggested any vehicle that will offer us a ride would be it! So a "habal-habal" driver who's bound to Lomundao, was the not so lucky one we've ridden off to Marilog, and another "habal-habal driver" who dare to travel from Calinan to Marilog. They first offered P150 fare, and then P180. We go for the Gold!

Noch, Jhai, and Ralph were together on a motorcycle, while Shaun and I on the other. We left Calinan at almost 7 pm. We had a stop over at Lomundao because our driver have to inform his family that he's travelling to Marilog.

But first let us take some selfies...
Jhai with Christoper one of the drivers

Ralph at Lomundao

Me and Christopers bike

at Lomundao Highway - Noch, Ralph, Christopher

Jhai, Noch and I

Shaun with Nanay on the background


So, going back..

We head back on track after a few minutes at Lomundao. I think it was the longest travel I had at the moment, thinking we will reach our destination by morning..urgh! cramps was all over my body.

The road was so dark and only our motorcycle's headlight lighted the way. Truly in darkness you will appreciate the beauty of the stars and fireflies. If I could just have a more powerful cam, I could have included the beautiful scenery here.

Anyway, we made multiple stops before we reached Jive, just to make sure we didn't miss the resort. I felt a bit worry for our drivers 'coz we put them in a situation that we also are helpless. Their motorcycles are running out of gas, and Christopher's motorcycle lost its"segunda".

But at last we made it, but not quite.. following pictures were taken at the entrance of Sitio Tagumpay, 3 km away from Jive. Here is parting time of our drivers, quite bittersweet because finally we partly reached our destination and at the same time parting time of the strangers who took the risk and courage just for us to reached our destination. As a compensation, we paid them P200 per person, yey!

Just arrived - Ralph, Christopher, Noch and Jhai at the Highway of Marilog
Our Driver Ken-ken with Shaun
And before we go to the much awaited Jive, let me just give you a brief story of our travel from Marilog Highway to Jive itself.

After we jump off from our habal-habal ride, we thought that Jive was just meters away and decided to just walk, but thank God to the concern people in the area that informed us that Jive was 3 kilometers away. We have to ride a skylab that take turn in the entrance.

But don't be carried away with the word skylab, you're probably thinking a cable car sort of thing now, huh!

For those of you who have no idea what a skylab is, it is a motorcycle (usually a sports type motorcycle you see in motocross competition) with added wings, balancing both sides to enclose passengers' feet that are always left hanging while on the road, and mark it! it can accommodate 10-13 people. Cool ayt? Well, cool as it sounds but ridiculous when you see it. We are about to have a picture riding it, but unfortunately our driver deliver us at Jive's club house, leaving Jhai who is about to picture us at the entrance. But to save your time (I know you will google what it looks like) here is a picture:

And yey! at last! we arrived!

It was past 8 when we arrived and that feeling when you're new in a place with the thought what will gonna happen next, you're expecting something of the place has to offer, I'm like a child taken to a mall for the first time.. lol..

So, going back, the first batch was already preparing for our dinner,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fernandez Beach and Garden Resort

It was Intelligent Travel and ISEM Christmas party, the much awaited It was one of the most unforgettable party of team Gab, and why not? We had so much fun!

to be continued... :P

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Camp Holiday

After a fun day at Maxima Aqua Fun, we finally rested in a comfortable room in Camp Holiday. not just any ordinary room but a suite room (emphasis on the suite room) yeah!

at the resort's restaurant while waiting for our order

black bug everywhere in the resort, very annoying!

Shaun caught up at 10:30

Yoga exercise with our instructor Milesa

having fun while watching Upin Ipin

Anesha and the monkey boy Kyle

Panoramic view of the room, that's Carl in the corner

all kinds of pancit: bihon, lomi, pancit guisado, pancit canton for breakfast

Aunt Bibing and my mama doing the look-up pose, with my kuya and cousin Milesa in the background playing "pong"

Oh! it's Darryl Dixon on the screen, TWD episode 4 now showing, baby!

Aunt Rose, cousin Ric2 and Shaun playing "tong-its" from 7 am 'til 1 pm. Shaun's lost? 400 *facepalm*

Looks like they're having lot of fun. My favorite pic, their laugh is genuine and pure.

view from our rooms balcony

a deluxe room, super nice...

My Anesha with a sad face, why?

Oh, here I am, chilling in the resorts infinity pool

with Shaun

and cousin, and brother, and nephews, and daughter...

Jo teaching Anesha how to float

wow, such a fast learner! credit to Milesa for teaching, so basically this just the test

more moments

in the Kiddie pool

Is this all yours Shaun?

After swimming, at the suite room lobby

parting time. here's at the lobby...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Maxima Aqua Fun

How does the rush of descending a titan slide at extraordinary speed all the way to the open sea speak to you? It's beyond any doubt sounds a lotta fun, doesn't it? Be that as it may while some could be fast to say, "Oh yes! Let's try that, baby!" and even rub their hands together in eagerness, I bet some others might reconsider or more before finally deciding to do it. Also even after they'd said they might, they still couldn't be certain until they've really done it. Me?

View from above

On our path on board my aunt Ging2's van to Maxima Aqua Fun, I was trusting I might uncover the fearlessness to do it. I am not by any means a huge enthusiast of water slides. Growing up, I've never felt safe in them. For reasons unknown, I've generally had this inalienable fear of harming myself as I quickly descend the quick water slide paths, particularly on those slides that are made of cement. Anyway I do love the water however, and the possibility of being tossed into the open sea and making a big splash on the water really gave me a pleasurable sensation of fright and excitement.

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort is actually built on a side of a cliff facing the open sea. From the entrance, there is a a winding concrete stairways leading down to the central part of the resort where the restaurant and dining area, along with the picnic huts, tables and chairs, and other amenities are located. Going down further, the stairways would lead the visitors to a boardwalk which allows them to get closer to the water.

view from the dining area

Maxima Aqua Fun has no beach. There is no soft powdery white sand in the resort- just the pure crystal clear water of the open sea which is said to be as deep as 100 feet. To swim, one could either use the diving boards and take a plunge straight to the sea or use the stairs of the boardwalks leading to a platform under the water. The resort has a strict policy of not allowing anyone to swim without a life vest on and it applies even to those who claim to be good swimmers like me :-) The lifevest is quite a hassle when diving but we had to abide by the rules. Safety should always come first, by all means.

Since Maxima is basically a water park, there are several other water sports activities to keep the visitors entertained like jet skiing, scuba diving, kayaking and the one my mama, aunt, cousin, cousins friend and nephew tried, the banana boat, but the main attraction of course, is the giant slide. When we arrived, no one from the other visitors was using the slide, which made me worried a little bit. I hoped there wasn’t anything wrong with the slides. A few minutes later though, a group of Japanese or Korean tourists made their way to the top towards the starting point of the slide. One by one, they began sliding down the lane, and as I watched each of them having so much fun, I felt a strong urge to go up and finally try it myself. But I waited a little bit. Letting my companions go first and watched their reactions.

Taken after the 15 minute banana boat ride

When I thought could no longer contain my excitement, I'd walked up to the starting point. I was feeling nervous but I did my best not to show it. There was no way I would let my nerves get the best of me. Looking relaxed from the outside, I positioned myself at the starting point where the assistant poured a considerable of water at my back to make me wet. That would ensure a smoother and faster slide all the way down to the sea. Now, the moment of truth. After one big inhale, I let go of my grip on the bars at both sides, and just as soon as I did that, I found myself sliding down the slippery lane in so much rush that I couldn’t even think straight. I must have been so stunned, I even forgot to scream. With a big “uummmppph” sound in the end, I was thrown into the air, and down straight to the water in a flash. Just as soon as I emerged from below a few seconds later, I screamed inside "one more!"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Buffet Palace

Taken outside Buffet Palace while waiting for it to open

Already inside Buffet Palace but we're still waiting for the clock to struck 6 pm. The foods are already placed but for so irrational reason we have to wait til 6

Pa cute muna. photo taken by Jayrex

Like a boss in NCCC Mall bowling area.

Group picture at Timezone. Planning where to kill our time before heading Buffet Palace.

Waiting in vain, I mean waiting 6 pm, already inside buffet palace

Another group picture after our failed bowling session.

Inside buffet palace. waiting.... waiting... waiting...

(L - R) Jayrex, Hazel, Gabryle, Hannah, Katherine, me :)

Outside buffet palace.  waiting.... waiting... waiting... (L - R) Jayrex, me, Katherine

(L - R) Hannah, me, Gabryle, Hazel & Katherine

(L - R) Jayrex, Roselyn, Hazel, Hannah, me, Arbie, Sheila, & Gabryle

With my team leader

With my closest pals in our team Katherine & Hannah

We look like enjoying rounds of bowling, truth?? nope! just for the record... lol

oh! another waiting... waiting... waiting....

With super kulit Hazel and our bitchy TL

caption you like??? waiting... waiting... waiting...

Oh! finally!( not really finally)  this was taken when I am almost done.

part 2.... ahmmmm..... many part of waiting.... waiting... waiting....

outside (L - R) Arbie, Roselyn, Sheila, Jayrex, Hazel, Gabryle, me, Hannah, & Katherine

Our TL feelin' yummy

How's the bowling guys... lol... nah, sarcastic...

oh, feelin' pretty, thanks mommy Sylvette

@ NCCC Mall timezone, coz we are not allowed to videoke, we just took a pose outside, why not?

with my closest pal + 1.. :))