Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunset Beach

I must say that this is one of the most unforgettable reunion I had attended. And why not? First, I am not guilty about it 'cause it has Shaun's consent, second, I didn't pulled out much cash, just for the fare and our re-union contribution, third, there was no awkward moment during that night, 'cause I was with the boys, (well, don't get me wrong girls,  I just don't like staying in our cottage and just talk about things and thugs) and lastly, it was awesome! I really had a great time..

Anyway, it was more like of a get together sort to think, 'cause out of  100+ graduates of my batch, only 20 people more or less had attended, and not more than 5 were classmates, meaning we are of different sections, and add to that we don't have something in common to talk about. But that night it was filled with laughter and individual experiences of what happened to us after graduation, we do have little topic of our elementary though, about the famous bullies of our batch and the popular peps during that time, never forget the one being bullied... LOL! and hearing it from the boys, it was crazy!

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