Sunday, November 17, 2013

Camp Holiday

After a fun day at Maxima Aqua Fun, we finally rested in a comfortable room in Camp Holiday. not just any ordinary room but a suite room (emphasis on the suite room) yeah!

at the resort's restaurant while waiting for our order

black bug everywhere in the resort, very annoying!

Shaun caught up at 10:30

Yoga exercise with our instructor Milesa

having fun while watching Upin Ipin

Anesha and the monkey boy Kyle

Panoramic view of the room, that's Carl in the corner

all kinds of pancit: bihon, lomi, pancit guisado, pancit canton for breakfast

Aunt Bibing and my mama doing the look-up pose, with my kuya and cousin Milesa in the background playing "pong"

Oh! it's Darryl Dixon on the screen, TWD episode 4 now showing, baby!

Aunt Rose, cousin Ric2 and Shaun playing "tong-its" from 7 am 'til 1 pm. Shaun's lost? 400 *facepalm*

Looks like they're having lot of fun. My favorite pic, their laugh is genuine and pure.

view from our rooms balcony

a deluxe room, super nice...

My Anesha with a sad face, why?

Oh, here I am, chilling in the resorts infinity pool

with Shaun

and cousin, and brother, and nephews, and daughter...

Jo teaching Anesha how to float

wow, such a fast learner! credit to Milesa for teaching, so basically this just the test

more moments

in the Kiddie pool

Is this all yours Shaun?

After swimming, at the suite room lobby

parting time. here's at the lobby...

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