Friday, May 20, 2011

Manaklay Beach and Kopiat Island

Before you browse the pictures I just want to inform you that all the pictures below are not mine, that I don't own any of them. I just grab them from the internet. You may wonder why, it is because when we're there I didn't have any camera available and the only camera I have was from my phone, which only had an AVG resolution, I do take pictures of the place though, but trust me it doesn't look nice. so better keep it in the pandora box.

You may wonder where on earth is Manaklay Beach, well, here's a map:
5mi zoom
1mi zoom
When we arrived at Manaklay Beach, it was almost 5 pm.
Entrance view of the beach
we didn't waste our time, and after we settle our things, we immediately take a plunge at the clear blue water. 

view from a nipa cottage located in an extended platform of the beach
It was out of plan since the only food we'd brought was mostly junk foods and some fruits bought along the way.

the beach from the sea

When you're in Manaklay beach facing the sea, you will see an Island, maybe 100 - 200 meters from the shore, locals call it Lapanday Island, but on google it's Kopiat Island.

Anyway, I really don't have any idea, that the island can be visited, 'cause according to the locals, it's a private island owned by the Lapanday (but it's not that big deal to talk about), so we've decided to take a banca ride off the island that costs Php 20.00 per head, for such amount you can have a round trip ride of the island.

We could have enjoyed the experience if we arrived in Manaklay earlier, 'cause as what the banca driver said, we can have a whole day stay on the Island if we wanted to. 

Upon our banca tour of the island, I would describe the island like a virgin island, you will not see any house on the shore or even if you further deepen your look of the foresty part. 

The shore line is mostly covered with washed trees from floods somewhere, talk about it like big trees, or roots of trees washed on the shore.

view from the banca

one of the banca that will ride you to the island, back views is Mabini, Comval

This is what I'm talking about.. no glimpse of house, just coconut trees..

A group of local tourists off to Kopiat Island

view of the island from the Manaklay beach

The island's shoreline is mostly corals, and the only white sand there is where tourist can take stay

We take a swim for only 15 minutes of less, as the banca driver said, we have to go since the waves are starting to stronger.

Next pictures is more of the Manaklay Beach:

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